Disability Retirement

If you are a federal worker who has a medical condition, physical injury or impairment, or illness that is keeping you from performing the official duties or requirements of your job, you may want to investigate the possibility of filing for federal disability retirement. Depending on which federal retirement system you fall under, you will either need to file for Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Disability or Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) Disability. Before you can be considered for disability retirement under either system, you will also need to apply for Social Security Disability, whether you qualify for it or not. This is a prerequisite requirement under both retirement systems and you most likely will be denied Social Security Disability the first time you apply. Yet you have to go through that process.

Before you take that first step, you will need to gather and organize all of the pertinent medical documentation for ALL of your medical problems, illnesses, injuries, impairments, etc. Unlike Workers’ Compensation, when applying for disability retirement all physical and medical problems apply and none need be work-related. However, getting all of your medical documentation and other paperwork established and organized, along with the the examinations and medical opinions that form the basis of your official medical and physical condition reporting, is a large task. It is the sort of project best undertaken with the guidance and assistance of an experienced, knowledgeable mentor.

Federal Workers Compensation Consultants is that helpful assistant you need to successfully prepare for, submit for, and win approval for disability retirement. We have over 40 years experience dealing with injured federal employees and with those seeking federal disability retirement. We CAN help you get approved for disability retirement. Call us today at 813-931-1984 for a free consultation regarding your options and chances for gaining approval for federal disability retirement. You’ll be glad you did!


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