Free Review of Your OWCP Schedule Award

by Lenin V. Perez

Recently our experts have been finding systematic mistakes in the way the federal government has been paying OWCP Schedule Awards to injured federal workers. We have been able to identify these mistakes in about 80% of the cases we have been asked to review. The result is that we have been able to recover additional money for those injured federal workers.

How can you determine if your OWCP Schedule Award has been paid correctly? Let us help you. If you send us the information requested below, we will have our staff experts and doctors examine your schedule award to determine the following:

• If the calculation of your award was incorrect

• If your rate of pay was submitted properly or improperly

• If your Schedule Award was reduced improperly

• If you received the proper impairment rating percentage for your injury

After our review of your Schedule Award documentation and records, we will present to you our findings and your options for recovery of any additional benefits to which you are entitled.

This service is FREE to you. Our review of your OWCP Schedule Award will cost you nothing, not one cent. We want to help correct any injustice done to you and help insure that you are receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled.

In order for us to perform this valuable service for you, we need you to mail (or email) us the following:

1. A copy of your Schedule Award Benefit Statement letter from the United Sates Department of Labor, Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation

2. A copy of your pay rate at the time you received your Schedule Award

3. A copy of the Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) disability impairment rating which you received from your treating physician

4. A copy of the District Medical Advisor (DMA) findings and your second opinion doctor’s report

5. Your name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers, and a valid email address (one that you use often)

But what if you don’t have all of the above information? Send us whatever relevant information about your Schedule Award that you have.

What if you received your Schedule Award years ago? What if you are currently retired? What if your condition has worsened? In any of these (and other) situations we will have our panel of experts review your file and let you know whether or not you may be due a new rating and thus may be due more money.

Example Case History:

A city letter carrier had an accepted injury to his right knee. Two years prior to his retirement (after 35 years of service) he had to have a total right knee replacement which was paid for by OWCP. The letter carrier then collected a Schedule Award of $57,000. This award was paid to him while he was still working 40 hours a week. He retired after collecting the award.

Ten years after his retirement he was told that he had to have a total left knee replacement. Upon notifying our office, we informed him that he could file that as a consequential injury since the right leg injury caused a weakening of his left knee. This consequential injury was also accepted by OWCP.

After having the left knee replacement he then received a Schedule Award for the left knee of $62,000 (while collecting his retirement pension). Finally, his right knee impairment rating was subsequently re-determined after this schedule award ran out and his right knee was found to have deteriorated further and the impairment was rated still higher than 12 years earlier. As a result, he is now collecting an additional $24,000 due to the disability arising out of the original injury to his right knee.

Whether you are still working or have retired, if you had an on-the-job injury which was accepted by OWCP (no matter how long ago) and you have permanent damage, then you can still file for a OWCP Schedule Award. There is no time limit to file a Schedule Award.

We can help your recover any additional benefits to which you are entitled at no cost to you. Why not take advantage of this free service? As stated above, we have found that in approximately 80% of cases we have been asked to review, the injured federal worker was paid incorrectly. This has resulted in the recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars for injured federal workers.

Let us help you make sure you have received ALL the benefits you are entitled to. Send your Schedule Award information to us now so we can begin reviewing your case and start helping you get all the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Send the information requested above to:

Denise Prado
Federal Workers Compensation Consultants
9639 N Armenia Ave.
Tampa, FL 33612

or email the information to:

Federal Workers Compensation Consultants

Workers Compensation and Disability Retirement Specialists

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Tampa, Florida 33612

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Fax 813-931-4905

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