OWCP CA-2: Occupational Disease or Illness Claims

by Lenin V. Perez

Occupational disease or illness is a medical condition produced in the work environment over a period longer than a single workday or shift by such factors as systemic infection, continued or repeated stress or strain, or exposure to hazardous elements such as, but not limited to, toxins, poisons, fumes, noise, particles, radiation, or other continued or repeated conditions or factors of the work environment. A claim based on an occupational disease or illness is filed with OWCP on Form CA-2.

As a general rule, a claim based on occupational disease is considerably more difficult to prove than a claim based on a traumatic injury, and to be successful in pursuing a claim with OWCP an employee must provide two basic documents:

(1) A Doctor’s Medical Report

A proper filing of a CA-2 should include a detailed medical report from the employee’s attending physician, dated and signed, containing the physician’s date of examination and treatments, descriptions of tests given, results of x-rays or other tests.

IMPORTANT: If one does not have a medical report saying that the job caused or aggravated the condition, one cannot win his/her claim. For that reason, first get a medical report, then file the CA-2. Remember, you only have thirty (30) days from the date on the medical report to file the claim to be within your time limits.

(2) A Factual Employment Statement

In addition to the physician’s medical report, a properly filed CA-2 must also include a detailed, signed statement by the employee describing in detail exactly what the employee does at work on a daily basis. Remember, the person that reads this description does not work with you. He/she is either the claims examiner, or the physician of your choice who will give you a medical report. The statement of daily duties should include such items as temperature or other weather conditions, number of objects lifted per day, average weight of items lifted, etc. A description of the specific duties of the employee making the claim is of more value than a general description of duties. Finally, include any hobbies one does outside of employment. This statement must be given to the physician making the medical report.

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