OWCP Oral Hearings By Telephone

by Lenin V. Perez

When a federal employee who has been injured on the job and subsequently filed an OWCP Workers’ Compensation claim receives a determination by OWCP of denial or termination of the worker’s claim, it does not mean that is the permanent end of the worker’s claim. Fortuantely, under OWCP the employee still has some appeal rights and options he/she may pursue to get the claim reinstated and properly mediated.

One of these options is the employee’s right to request and receive an Oral Hearing or Review of the Written Record. The Oral Hearing is a non-adversarial hearing with the employee, the employee’s representative, the hearing examiner and a professional transcriber present. The Oral Hearing gives the employee the opportunity to present additional facts and evidence for the examiner’s consideration and allows the claimant to further present his/her case before any final decision by the examiner and OWCP can be rendered.

Due to recent changes in OWCP policies and procedures, Oral Hearings may now be held via telephone, allowing the employee, the employee’s representative, and the other parties to conduct the hearing via conference call. This saves the employee and his/her representative the considerable expense of physical travel to the hearing location without having to sacrifice the benefits of having representation present during the Oral Hearing. Federal Workers Compensation Consultants are happy to offer experienced, professional, nationwide representation of clients for Oral Hearings via telephone.

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