Workers Compensation Training

We offer Workers’ Compensation Training for union officers and shop stewards. We teach both basic and advanced Workers’ Compensation courses.

Course 1 – Basic Workers’ Compensation Training

This course is designed to assist union stewards, union officers, the employing agency, and the claimant too. It is designed to help everyone in the process by giving them the knowledge they need to properly file their workers’ compensation claim. The first part of this course will give you an explanation of the CA forms, a brief history of the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) and how it affects federal employees.

This outline is for the basic course:

1. CA-1
a. What is a traumatic injury
b. How to file for and receive continuation of pay (COP)
c. How and why the agency can controvert your claim
d. How to successfully defend your our controverted claim

2. CA-2
a. What is an occupational disease
b. How to file your claim

3. CA-2a
a. What is a recurrence
b. How and when you would file for a recurrence

4. CA-7
a. When and why you should complete this form
b. What is a schedule award
1. When should you submit for a schedule award

5. CA-7a & CA-7b
a. Leave buy back
b. When is it not feasible to buy back leave

6. CA-16
a. Authorization for medical treatment
b. When is it used

7. CA-17
a. Duty status report

8. Attending Physicians report

9. Agency history and how your injury affects their budget

10. Basic schedule award information

11. How injuries that happen off your work station may be covered

12. How injuries you may have had before you became a federal employee may be covered

13. Question and answer session

Course 2 – Advanced Workers’ Compensation Training

Our Advanced Workers’ Compensation Training Course advanced course is designed for those who have a good basic understanding of Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA).
This course is designed to assist the employing agency, as well as the claimant. It is designed to help everyone in the process by giving them the knowledge they need to properly file their workers’ compensation claim and to prepare for hearings and appeals.

The first part of this course will give you a quick review of the basic workers compensation course. This course will give you the knowledge you need to prepare yourself for any claims or benefits you may be entitled to under FECA regulations.

1. Quick review of the basic course

2. Schedule Awards

3. Reconsiderations

4. Oral hearings and reviews of the written record

5. Appeals before the ECAB

6. FECA appellate rights

7. Earning capacity determinations

8. Fitness for duty examinations in FECA cases

9. Over deduction of health benefits premiums in FECA

10. Weighing medical Evidence

11. Continuation Of Pay (COP) when third party pays

12. OWCP’s early nurse intervention program

13. The premises rule

14. Rehabilitation under FECA

15. Question and answer session

To schedule training sessions, or to learn more, call Federal Workers Compensation Consultants at 813-931-1984.

Download a printable copy of the Basic and Advanced Training Course outlines by clicking here.


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